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Transforming organizations to a high performance culture is hard work... we can help! Both Agile and Lean methods are popular, but success rates are modest due to the inherent challenges of culture change that are required by these systems. The results can be astonishing, but it takes serious investment of time and effort to get there. Agile methods have started to transform the way teams work and Lean tools have started to transform organizational processes - take advantage of the synthesis of these two systems in the Real Agility Program.
The Real Agility Program is a Berteig Consulting exclusive solution which combines state-of-the-art Agile practices, seasoned coaches, and systematic customization to produce outstanding results. The Real Agility Program requires significant management and leadership commitment on the part of our clients and recognition that deep culture change is often difficult and may have temporary setbacks. The Real Agility Program provides a solution which vastly reduces the risks, cost and time usually required of this type of transformation.
More details about the four components of the Real Agility Program can be found here:
Your leadership needs to know about this program. Please contact us and Request a Leadership Presentation so that we can explain the benefits for your organization and help you decide if you should go ahead with this intensive program.